When in Brighton…

Sometimes the road I follow leads me to England, must say that road takes me there a lot. Last weekend my destination was Brighton. I went there with a friend, we didn’t have much planned. All we wanted was to get away from the daily routine in the Netherlands. At least we succeeded in that. Our hotel was super close to Brighton Pier and only couple minutes walk from the city centre.

We visited Inka Tattoos Brighton and got ourselves a tattoo by Joey Salvage, we bought some Pretty Green polos and had amazingly delicious steak and ale pie at Druids Head. We had pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea at The Post & Telegraph – Wheterspoon and pints of Guinness at Dead Wax Social. We went thrift shopping at Dirty Harry and went crate digging at Vinyl Revolution and Resident Music. Couldn’t miss Brighton Pier and had English breakfast at our hotel, to feel just a little local. We enjoyed the people, the city, the vibes and the (very bad, but English) weather.

Sadly, it was only a short weekend and we had to fly back on Monday… Back to our daily routine, but wíth new tattoos and some new shirts and great memories! Can’t wait to cross the water again!

X Laura


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