When in Brussels…

There is a lot we do for love, there is even more we do for music. Like crossing borders.

Last Friday I travelled down to Brussels to catch The Mighty Noel Gallagher at the Forest National. God, did I have a good time. The venue isn’t too big, which means an intimite atmosphere, beer isn’t too expensive, lockers are actually pretty big (as well as expensive, you pay €10,- in which a deposit of €5,- is included), lines aren’t very long and security is nice and… secure.

His setlist contained some Golden oldies from the Oasis-era like ‘Little By Little’, ‘Supersonic’ and all time favourite ‘Wonderwall’. Next to these bangers Noel and his band also played some of their newest tracks like ‘Fort Knox’ and ‘She Taught Me How To Fly’. With a venue half full of British fans, the ambiance was ecstatic and beer flew from one side of the room to the other. I think I can speak for the entire audience when I say that we had a blast and we were extremely happy to be able to sing along to our favourite songs again!

Thank you Noel, and thank you Brussels.

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