St. Buryan live at Think Tank?

St. Buryan recently released their new single ‘Breathe Deep’ and I absolutely loved it, it also made me even more excited for the gig they played last Saturday together with upbeat ska-band Kahuna and indie rockers Club Paradise. Even though I sadly have to share with you that I couldn’t make it in time to catch Kahuna, I did walk in just in time to watch and listen to Club Paradise’s set and I was completely in awe from the beginning on.

Some bands just have the luck of finding the perfect frontman, and I feel like no one can disagree with me when I say that Ryan Young is the absolute best lad for the role of Club Paradise-frontman. With his quirky dance moves and weird facial expressions he pulls the attention from the crowd while they’re all singing along. Their new single is called ‘Kirby Keger’ and it’s a lovely single that promises a bright future for the boys.

Headliners St. Buryan are always just super fun to watch plus they have released and written a couple of pretty tasty singles. Luckily the boys themselves weren’t the only one being very excited about their gig as the audience went wild as soon as the band came up on stage. To me the best thing to see is when friends join and support each other to become better persons and or musicians, so this night was definitely one for the books. When the audience becomes one instead of being separate individuals, that’s what makes a great atmosphere.

I will definitely have the songs underneath on repeat for a little while!

I did miss out on Kahuna but will see them live on the 2nd of May at Head of Steam supporting Tom McGuire & The Brassholes!

And in case you want to read my review on St. Buryan’s latest release; go ahead.

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