Something a bit more personal

It has been a while since I posted something a bit more personal in this category for which COVID-19 is mainly to blame, but I thought it was time for a more personal note again. As we have all been stuck in our homes and the music industry has been put on pause there have been times when it was hard to find something positive.

Luckily music was still released, being performed on live streams and sent to me! Yesterday Aley V played a wonderfully heartfelt live streamed set as part of Virtual Ustinov Day, which you can now watch back here. With live music slowly picking up, in a socially distanced setting, our first upcoming live gig will be on Friday the 7th of August at Gosforth Civic Theatre where the wonderful Becca James will be performing. You can find all information on the event here.

Some of my favourite bands, such as Cat Ryan, Twist Helix and The Bergamot have pulled me through some of the dark days and I have added them all to our Favourites-playlist! You can listen to the playlist underneath and hopefully you’ll find some of your favourite artists in there too, if you do, please share it with us.


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