Artist Spotlight: Gabrielle Ornate

Having reviewed three of her releases so far, we found it was time to create a dedicated Gabrielle Ornate-page. From now on, you will find a short review on all of her releases, right here! We’ve previously written and raved about her ‘The March of the Caterpillars’ and ‘Waiting To Be Found’, you will be able to find the rest below, as well as a link to her Spotify-page!

The Undying Sleep

Her latest is a hazy, ethereal and summery new experimental rock track with beautiful vocals and a synth-driven layer of film covering her already intriguing sound, making it even more intriguing. A cinematic song, bringing sonic soundscapes and hypnotic synths together, proven they work very well together and make for a refreshing new pop rock sound!

Free Falling

‘Free Falling’ is another refined slice of unmistakable Gabrielle Ornate-rock, “a bohemian siren meets riff-laden pop rock” with her incredible vocals in the middle of it. ‘Free Falling’ is fierce and thumping, a glowing new single with a maximalist soundscape and layered compositions, ‘Free Falling’ is like an onion; with every listen you get to peel away another layer!

Spirit Of The Times

‘Spirit Of The Times’ is her latest release, a spirit-igniting, much punchier track from the mesmerising songstress that goes by the name of Gabrielle Ornate. It is her energetic, poignant sound and vocals that make the track and her sound such an outstanding one. On ‘Spirit Of The Times’ she goes bolder, brighter, and bigger! It’s pulsing and shines like a ray of sunshine on this already sunny Sunday!

Rewrite The Rules

It is a darker, more intense and compelling new track, ‘Rewrite The Rules’ is an empowering track, an indie dream pop rock track with her beautiful vocals being the centre of attention. ‘Rewrite The Rules’ is a combination of mythological imagery, instrumental earworms and catchy choruses!

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