Artist Spotlight: Everdeen

This page is dedicated to German alternative rock band Everdeen and their music releases. Our first love was their single ‘Don’t Give Up The Ghost’, the song has been stuck on repeat for days on end and we’re still not tired of it yet.

Video: By The Water (Acoustic)

One of our favourite indie rock bands is back with the release of an acoustic version of ‘By The Water’! This acoustic version highlights the dreamy vocals of Sümeyra and comes with a simply captivating video! Drawing on the myth of Narcissus and Echo to tell the story of an abusive relationship, the lyrics take on a new meaning in this sparse acoustic setting.

Video: I’m Sorry

This pensive and warm ballad is an intriguing one, another colourful and flavoursome piece of dream pop by Everdeen. The song tells the story of love ending, the song was inspired by a relationship that was doomed to fail… Yet it always stings. It is a melancholic one with those dreamy vocals, 80’s synth textures and guitar lines a la The Cure.

Video: Everdeen – Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic)

‘Do You Wanna Play (Acoustic)’ is the latest release by German alternative rock band Everdeen, but it’s not what you would expect. The acoustic version of their single ‘Do You Wanna Play’ is fragile yet strong and powerful, it’s a refined production of a grand rock track. The single is about needing an honest answer in a relationship, driven by subtle guitar lines, lo-fi synths and dreamy vocals, the single is accompanied by a video that you can watch here!

Video: Everdeen – Everdeen Unplugged (Live at WeLive Festival)

It is an entire encapsulating live set of one of our favourite German rock bands! This film is the eleventh episode of the concert film series ‘WeLive’. This impressive and personal episode focuses on Everdeen performing an unplugged set. The band usually consisting of four musicians, choose for a special line-up with only singer and pianist Sümeyra Dogan and Ian Stahl on guitar and backing vocals. In this film, Everdeen bring their songs to life in a very simplistic and mesmerising way. The lighting design creates a fairy-tale ambience transformed its location into a mystical place.

Heart Shaped Gutter

‘Heart Shaped Gutter’ is a pensive, guitar-driven track with a grand, YONAKA-like intro. Everdeen’s latest is powerful and frenzied with sharp vocals and an infectious chorus, it’s hard to ever get out of your head, but it’s okay, because we enjoy chanting and dancing along to Everdeen.

Do You Wanna Play

Intense vocals, a silken soundscape and a mysterious intro are what make ‘Do You Wanna Play’ a fun new track, a warm and mindful track with the signature Everdeen-energy that builds up throughout the track. Dramatic but joyous, filling and evolving throughout, ‘Do You Wanna Play’ is a great track!

Cover photo by Anja Jurleit

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