Triggerfinger live in TivoliVredenburg

This band has been on my ‘need to see live’-list for a very long time and yesterday February 16th, it finally happened. Triggerfinger is the Belgium rockmachine that have been playing multiple festivals in the Netherlands and have been touring continuingly. Their cover of Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ became a major hit around Europa in 2012, and they’ve been known as bestdressed band of Europe.

Singer Ruben Block proved last mentioned statement right, marching on stage in a flowersuit and glitterheels. Musically it was a party not to forget, with inexhaustable drummer Mario Goossens, the magical voice of Ruben and the amazing Monsieur Paul on bass. It’s been a party for the ears, and a new favourite band for the fans of Led Zeppelin and the Black Keys.

For updates on when and where they’ll be playing next, follow them on Facebook and for more of their music (because we can’t just get enough) follow them on Spotify!

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