The Magic Gang – The Magic Gang (album)

The Magic Gang’s self-titled debut album was finally released after a very long wait. It is a well set up album, having all the songs in the right order which makes you want to sit down and listen to it carefully.
It seems that somehow some of the older songs like ‘All This Way’ and ‘All That I Want Is You’ were re-recorded and/or remixed which makes them sound a bit less uplifting and flatter. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing since this makes them blend in more with the rest of the album. New songs like ‘Oh, Saki’ and ‘Fade Away’ show that The Magic Gang can still write new bangers and makes us even more excited to see them live this festival season!

Buy The Magic Gang’s debut album here!

Also check out one of our YouTube-fav’s ‘Take Care’

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