DMA’s – For Now (album)

It’s their second album, and we can’t get enough of the Australian trio that goes by the name of DMA’s. First time I saw them must have been about two years ago. Dragged down to Melkweg in Amsterdam by a group of friends that told me ‘this is going to be so good!’ They had been right before, so I needed to see what they were talking about.

Three Australian guys, one in an Adidas trainingssuit, all looking a bit as if they didn’t really know what they were doing up on that stage. Yet their sound made an instant impression. I couldn’t take my eyes and ears off of these lads, and made sure to follow them around ever since.

April 27th their second album ‘For Now’ was released. Finally, some new favourite Britpop-tunes. Wouldn’t say about the boys from Australia, but even Liam Gallagher gave his approval about their new album. Fans say DMA’s-music has a ‘nostalgic edge’ and it does indeed bring us back to the days where DJ’s weren’t topping the charts.

Earlier released numbers ‘Dawning’ and ‘In The Air’ had already set the tone for the new album, and ‘Time And Money’ is one of our new favourites. I could blah on about how much we love the chill sound of this album and how incredible singer Tommy’s voice is, but the better option is that you just decide for yourself.

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