HIT THE NORTH: Opening Party

April last year, I found out about Hit the North Festival in Newcastle. That year Slaves, DMA’s and Nothing But Thieves were performing and me, my brother and a mutual friend decided it was time to ‘Hit the North’! Hit the North takes place in different venues in and around the city centre of Newcastle and is one of the main yearly events for the NCL-youth. I, personally, fell in love with the whole festival as last year we met a ton of amazing people and got to know many of our new favourite bands. So when this year’s Hit the North was announced we bought our tickets, booked the flight and the hotel and last weekend me and my brother flew down to Newcastle again.

It felt like coming home, and with a weekend full of live music ahead we couldn’t be happier. Hit the North takes place only one day, but with three official opening parties ánd Meet the North the day before, we were sure not to get bored.

We started our weekend at the O2 Academy with Sports Team, Vistas, Sunset Sons and Circa Waves during the official HTN opening party. Hit the North had started! It was a full packed venue when Sports Team hit off the evening with their indie rock tunes and cool moves. They recently released new single ‘Kutcher’ and more tunes are on the way! Make sure to like them on Facebook to stay updated on more music and live dates.

Next up were the Edinburgh-lads that go by the name of Vistas who brought their crazy happy indie-tunes to Newcastle. ‘Calm’ is the perfect example of a great summer-tune and we can’t wait to see what else the boys are gonna release! Facebook Facebook Facebook… Well, you know it; like and share!

Third band of the evening was Sunset Sons and I must admit that I’m a sucker for their catchy poptunes ever since I saw them at Melkweg Amsterdam about two years ago. We were just really, really happy to be able to sing along to their bangers again! Like and love! 

Last and main act of the night was Circa Waves and we think you’ve been living in a cave if you don’t know what we mean when we say T-shirt weather… Crowd and band went wild and the roof of O2 Academy was blown off. The first night out of three was absolutely brilliant and especially the two first and beginning bands set tone for the rest of the youngsters that were planned to play Hit the North.

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