HIT THE NORTH: Sam Goosebumps Fender

My personal experience of Sam Fender could be summarised by these words: superhandsome (yes, that’s a word), chill, mellow, goosebumps, funny, godthatvoicewheredidhegetit?! I had heard of Sam Fender before, as he is rising like a falling star in reverse, but had never seen him live. Decided that Hit the North would be the perfect opportunity, and he was playing at one of my favorite venues, Think Tank?

The boy comes up and starts singing, like no effort is needed, hitting all the right notes and showing the fun he’s having in performing. Makes it fun to look at too for the audience, which contains six years olds as well as sixty years olds. Sam could be compared to a lot of singer songwriters, but well he’s still special and that’s mostly because of his beautiful voice. Judge for yourself!

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