Tom Grennan – Barbed Wire (video)

I remember the first time I saw Tom Grennan live like it was yesterday. It was at an intimate show in Groningen last January, there were about 30 humans in the room and as soon as Tom Grennan entered the stage, they became silent. Even I went silent, although my first thought when I saw him was ‘well, he looks just like my neighbour with the white tanktop and the black pants…’ I certainly did not expect what happened when Tom Grennan opened his mouth. Goosebumps appeared, caused by his raw voice and lyrics that felt as if they were written just for me. His music gives the impression of being written by an old man, but Tom isn’t much older than my 23-year old self.

The energy and feelings he puts into his live performance makes us believe everything that he sings, and he has just released the video for poprocktune ‘Barbed Wire’. Check the video underneath and let us know what you think of it!

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