Mandy’s Favourites

With our new category we got some messages in of people that love it bút… Only 10 songs?! We decided to make an exception, and might do so more often, not only because we love your taste in music but also because we encourage your enthusiasm and we hope it never dies. We’re very curious about Mandy’s favourites, we allowed one of my favourite Geordies to make one top 10 of international bands and one of local bands from Newcastle! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed listening to it!

Where do you find new music?
From a range of sources. Alongside Spotify and its magic formula of matching you with great new music, a big influencer for me is social media and my big circle of music loving friends. If I see a band or artists mentioned a lot or I hear friends talking about someone I haven’t heard of I’ll usually go and check them out on Spotify – and that has a pretty high success rate since my friends have pretty great taste! But the best way to find new music is just to go out and experience it live; turn up early for gigs to see support bands, check out local gig listings to take a chance on a band you haven’t heard of and go into the smaller tents at festivals to see up and coming acts. There is just nothing like it then finding a totally new sound to get hooked onto and then start telling everyone else about!

What’s your favourite place to listen to music to?
In a local intimate venue surrounded by friends and other music lovers played live right in front of you. To be able to experiencing music with all your senses and show your appreciation to the creators, either by dancing, singing, moshing, cheering or whatever you feel like, there simply is no better feeling.

What activity are you unable to do without music on?
Living? Seriously though, music is a huge part of my life and I binge on it throughout the day. May it be commuting, at work, doing the chores at home, out for a run or winding down after a busy day. And of course, no night out is complete without music in some shape or form.

10 national tracks Mandy loves

  1. Anteros – Drunk
  2. Stereo Honey – What Makes A Man
  3. Bad Sounds – Avalanche
  4. Husky Loops – 20 Blanks
  5. The Ninth Wave – Swallow Me
  6. Yonaka – Fired Up
  7. Boy Azooga – Loner Boogie
  8. October Drift – All Broken Down
  9. Scarlet – Bones
  10. Spinn – Notice Me

10 local tracks she loves

  1. Twist Helix – Ouseburn
  2. Picnic – Bill You Murray Me
  3. Shamu – Eyes Are Wide
  4. Mayfare – Dawn
  5. Ghost.Signals – Queen Of Oxygen Thieves
  6. Deep.Sleep – Soho
  7. Great Waves – Haircut
  8. FEVA – Ain’t Nobody
  9. Callum Pitt – Least He’s Happy
  10. Cape Cub – Come Around


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