Michael’s Favourites

It’s just so lovely to see and listen to the bands that you like! Michael from Newcastle is next up and he’s got some bangers in that list!

Where do you find new music?
I find new music through Spotify and social media.

What’s your favourite place to listen to music to?
Favourite place to listen to music is in the house through my record player.

What activity are you unable to do without music?
One acitivity I couldn’t do without music is traveling on public transport.

What are your 10 favourite songs at the moment?

  1. Feist – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You
  2. White Lies – Farewell to the Fairground*
  3. The Slits – Earthsong
  4. Bombay Bicycle Club – Something Like This
  5. Beartooth – I Have a Problem
  6. Laura Marling – Hope in the Air
  7. Sam Fender – Dead Boys
  8. Juliana Barwick – St. Apolienta
  9. Adolescents- Amoeba
  10. Sleeptape – Nadir

Sidenote: new single out on September 17th!

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