Robyn’s Favourites

I met such a lovely, happy and joyful girl when I visited Newcastle in August, her name is Robyn and next to having good taste in music she’s also very good at making it. She’s the frontwoman of jazzy funkpop band Picnic and read on to find out about her favourite tunes!

Where do you find new music?
I’m actually TERRIBLE at finding new music on my own, I don’t listen to my curated playlists on Spotify or anything! I trust friends’ recommendations when I get them, but I’m very much a creature of habit when it comes to music. That’s the case for everything except music coming out of my local scene – I love being up to date with the bands in my region as I find that most of the time, I enjoy it more than 90% of the stuff in the charts or I’d find in any of the bigger Spotify playlists. The scene in Newcastle is absolutely outstanding at the minute and there are so many artists doing some really exciting things, which makes it so easy to find music you wouldn’t ordinarily.

What’s your favourite place to listen to music?
Live! There is no experience even comes close to seeing and hearing music you love in a live environment. If you mean digitally though, I’m a Spotify gal through and through. I also love listening to vinyl, and having physical copies of music is something I think is dead important, both for supporting the artist you’re listening to and for the experience it provides.

What activity are you unable to do without music?
Virtually everything – it just makes life a whole lot easier. Travelling, working, writing, there’s not much that it doesn’t help. I rarely go more than an hour or two without listening to music in some capacity.

10 National tracks
1. Ørmstons – Mexico City 
2. Orchards – Double Vision 
3. Peace Frog – Tidal Motion 
4. Zuzu – Beauty Queen 
5. The Golden Age of TV – Beast
6. The Opera Comic – What Have We Done? 
7. King No-One – Alcatraz 
8. Mahatma Raindrop – Geometric Skies  
9. Patawawa  – Fight Me 
10. Orla Gartland – I Go Crazy 

10 local tracks
1. Ghost//Signals – Hectoring  
2. St. Buryan – Forget to Love  
3. Holly Rees – Timid Heart  
4. Deep.Sleep – 1994 
5. Eve Simpson – A Woman’s Work 
6. Swine Tax – Tory Water 
7. Twist Helix – Graphite  
8. Club Paradise – Brother  
9. Casual Threats – Loft 
10. Martha Hill – Spiders

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