Slaves live at Melkweg

I will forever love this punkduo that call themselves Slaves. Their tunes, the lyrics, the music, the chemistry between the brothers from different mothers, it all adds up to my love for them as people. They played two shows in the Netherlands, one in Nijmegen and one in Amsterdam. Both sold out. I was at both gigs, but will focus on the one in Amsterdam because, sorry to say, the audience in Amsterdam was just way better. The moshpit started as soon as the lads entered the stage, people danced along to Cut And Run on stage ánd they played ‘Feed The Mantaray’ live. Can say it was once again one of the best gigs I have ever experienced and I can’t wait for them to return! Pictures underneath are all shot by me. (These are actually shot at the Nijmegen gig because I wasn’t sober enough to take any pictures at the Melkweg gig)

And Magnolia, just for fun…

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