Picnic, Great Waves and Be Quiet. Shout Loud! live at Little Buildings

As soon as we realized that Pillar Artists has got a good ear for incredible live bands we kept an eye on the gigs they put on. On the 26th of March three amazing bands were playing one of the last couple of gigs at Little Buildings as we know it.

The night was opened by indie pop/rock quartet Great Waves. A lovely set in a full room – even though that is not too hard to accomplish at Little Buildings – by a band that loves to make music. They were the perfect opener for a band that makes jaws drop. So it was hard for me to find the words on what I think of Be Quiet. Shout Loud!, luckily their Facebook page says “Sky-scraping-cow-bell-twatting-slick-funking-house-grooving-indie-disco-floor-filling sonic blast of yee-ha!” and I couldn’t have described them better. Five very outgoing men, covered in sequins, were giving their all on the tiny stage they were tearing apart. Single ‘No Hope’ is an absolute banger, and seeing + hearing it live is even more banging! Now the reason I personally visited Little Buildings was absolute smashing, ear-tingling, funky sixtet Picnic, and they never seem to dissappoint.

Because the music speaks for itself, I will just make you listen to their newest release ‘Wishful Drinking’ and you tell me what you think of it!

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