Mayfare, Tiger Twins and Butterjunk live at Surfcafé

It happened again, another great line-up took over Surfcafé in Tynemouth with about sixty people staring in awe at what is a very small stage but seemed to grow every minute. On the 28th of March Butterjunk opened the night, being a mediocre indiepop band with energy that could have been levelled up a notch. However, the youngsters convinced the audience during their set, growing in confidence with every song. Single ‘My Mind’ makes a great tune!

Second band of the night was the absolute highlight for me, Tiger Twins completely blew me away with their incredibly energetic set and catchy indie rock. Their Facebook-page  calls their music ‘Tropical Indie Rock’ and I completely feel that. All I could think of during songs like ‘I Like It’ was a sandy beach and the sun turning me into a lobster, and that was probably also what the band was thinking as they told the audience: “Nobody told us there was gonna be a bloody beach! And we brought a frisbee…!”

Closing the night was talented four-piece better known as Mayfare. Alternative music but better, and improving with every live gig. At the moment I don’t have much more to say, but I can say that I am already very excited about the next time that I’ll see these lads live again!

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