No Vacancies – Bad Habits (EP)

No Vacancies are a two piece band from currently based in Manchester and they recently released their debut EP ‘Bad Habits’ via their own record label, 76 Records. The duo has created their own sound through making music together for years before releasing any music. ‘Bad Habits’ definitely sounds like a though-through product of two talented musicians, with a long and easing introduction on first single ‘Bad Habits’. Second song on the EP is ‘Those Days’ and sounds like one of those summer tunes that makes you dream of summer afternoons in the backyard with a cocktail by your side. It’s a relaxed and slightly different indie-song and followed up by more uptempo and rock tune ‘Molly’, definitely my favourite song of the EP! Last song of the EP is, sadly, not the best for last, the start seems like at this point of writing the band was a bit confused of what they wanted. Too many happened at once, yet vocals are still very strong! I’ll keep it to ‘Molly’, a single you’ll hopefully like as much as I do!

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