Stay Lunar – Brainshake

Five-piece indie pop band Stay Lunar from Swindon released their new single ‘Brainshake’ today and it’s as catchy as I hoped it would be. Lately the days, meaning the weather, has been quite dark in the Netherlands, and all I need was a bit of sunny music. The band started out as a solo bedroom project, but was soon strengthened by four brilliant musicians. ‘Brainshake’ is a product of the self-created sound that mixes dreamy and funky elements with rocky riffs. It’s almost impossible not to bop your head to this song. The song was produced by Ady Hall and Lee McCarthy of Sugar House (Larkins, Mint, Glass Caves).

To Harry, frontman of Stay Lunar, this band is not just about music, but also about spreading awareness of mental health issues. He is determined to prove to those who suffer, that no matter how bad things get in your head, focusing on a dream is an amazing medicine.

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