Circa Waves – The Way We Say Goodbye

So I know that you know ‘T-shirt Weather’ and in case you stopped listening to Circa Waves right after its release, they’ve just released a new album  and I did not want you to miss out on it! ‘The Way We Say Goodbye’ is one of the songs that’s on the new album, and it’s one of those songs that uses the words I was never able to find. “And I miss you, God I miss you. Love, I miss you, you know I do. And I won’t look back in time. ‘Cause darling, it’s just the way we say goodbye…”

It’s a sensitive and emotional indie-song, with the very recognizable sound and vocals of Circa Waves as we know them.

This song got me lost for words, so just listen for yourself and let me know if you can relate as well!

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