The Slow Readers Club live at Paradiso

I had first heard of this band because my father used to keep spinning their music on repeat. The Slow Readers Club absolutely blew me away during their show in a sold out small hall of Paradiso in Amsterdam. I remember how I used to think it was ‘typical old peoples music’, but goodness me do they have loads of energy! Upbeat top tune ‘Lunatic’ worked extremely well for the audience, actually just as well as all other songs did. Biggest part of the audience was British, and they all knew all words to sing along to. The atmosphere at the venue was extremely good, I have seen nothing but smiles before, during and after the show. It was a bit funny to me seeing everyone in orange (the Netherlands’ national colour) T-shirts while barely anyone was really Dutch. The indie electronic tunes The Slow Readers Club blurted out that night will be stuck in my head for a little while longer.

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