Glass Dove – Terrible Secrets

Nashville indie formation Glass Dove have released latest single ‘Terrible Secrets’ last month and I feel ever so grateful for running into this beautiful piece of music. I had goosebumps from the first note and until long after the last one. This song is about those in power who divide us to maintain their privilege and how our inaction gives voice to “terrible secrets”. The incredible vocals are beautifully haunting and make it impossible not to listen.

Apparently Glass Dove were signed by 7S Management, who also take care of Dinosaur Jr., American Authors and many others. All I hope is for them to handle this wonderful artist with nothing but love and attention and make them just as famous as they deserve. This thought-provoking single will be stuck in my head for some time after listening to it again and again.

Adding to the music is this video for which I haven’t found just the right word yet, let me know if you do have the words…


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