Cova Castle – Give Me A Reason For Calling?

We have got a new boogie and it was invented by Cova Castle. ‘Give Me A Reason For Calling?’ is their newest release and a great follow up for pre-latest release ‘Ma Chérie’. A steady and sturdy sound, with a happy tone and interesting riffs is how we’d be summing up ‘Give Me A Reason For Calling?’. Cova Castle’s first single came out in February of this year and with this one being the third single the band seems to be on the right track of creating a proper buzz. They’re playing a hometown-show at the Cluny on the 8th of August together with Lovejoy, The LOAs and Luke Porter and it is going to be a riff-filled evening!

Lovejoy / Cova Castle / The LOAs / Luke Porter at The Cluny 

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