Joe Ramsey – Won’t You

New kid from the block Joe Ramsey has released a new open, honest and catchy indie pop song with a mellow acoustic vibe. Ever since single ‘Stop & Start’ it’s been going upwards for the young lad as he’s been getting airplay on Amazing Radio and took his spot in iTunes’ Top 40 Singer/ Songwriter chart. Joe knows how to optimally use his voice and guitar-play and the combination of both works out for the best. With a smudge of rock added to his mellow indie-style, Joe creates his own style and recognizable sound. The first time we saw Joe play live was during Hit the North this year and with just his guitar he got the crowd silent and listening to his heartfelt songs. On the 20th of September Joe will be playing Indie Redcar and there are more shows yet to be announced!

“Won’t you stop me, if I’m running too fast…”

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