Kristopher James – Our Love

I am officially a sucker for cliche love songs that tell a story I can relate to. Kristopher James released his new jazzy pop song ‘Our Love’ last week and touched my heart with both the lyrics and his pure voice. His soulful personality and the feelings of being a dad shine through the way he tells his story. Kristopher about ‘Our Love’: “So “Our Love” came about, after observing how myself and others ebb and flow with LOVE.
We wrestle with the dichotomies of the relationships we’re in – the joys, the frustrations, the balance of both – but ultimately finding ourselves on a side of “fighting for” that love.”

I, personally, can relate pretty well with this and am happy Kristopher shared his music with me. ‘Our Love’ is taking from his new album ‘Kindness Never Quits’, the message of the album easily readable from the title. All nine songs on the album have the original Kirstopher James-touch; a theatrical jazz-soul sound which smoothly leads us through the album. So smoothly that I felt the album was finished way too early and I just hád to play it again. This to my own surprise as I am usually not a fan of the bells and whistles of jazz and soul however James elaborated his album with class and style and made me forget why it is I usually don’t like a bit of jazz-sauce.

“Love seems to be the extending message through them all – but overall it’s the idea that, as we walk this life, most everything will wither and fall, in some manner — money, fame, ego, but ‘kindness’ as a practice, as a belief and a worldview that we project towards every-person, won’t quit on us.”


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