Plastic Glass – Come Clean

Plastic Glass have been steadily releasing great track after track since 2018 and have just gone and done it again. ‘Come Clean’ is a loud and energetic shot of energy that can easily replace my morning coffee. I am a sucker for Plastic Glass’ up tempo, guitar-riffing, filthy sound and have been listening to ‘Come Clean’ on repeat for a couple of days now. The song sounds like it has been inspired by artists such as Miles Kane, Otherkin, Lady Bird and Slaves, just a couple of my favourite rock/ punk acts. Plastic Glass have been playing some great live shows throughout the country and are hopefully getting ready for their breakthrough. I can’t promise anything, but I’m definitely hoping to hear more of this band and I hope to hear it soon. For now, I’ll just be back to listening ‘Come Clean’ on repeat…

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