Fever Days – Hard Luck

Local emerging alternative pop outfit Fever Days have released a new single after their banging tune ‘I See Trough It’, ‘Hard Luck’ is its follow-up and I got fairly excited when I received this in my inbox. Combining new wave and lo-fi alternative pop, the band mingles most genres they could find and made their own Fever Days-blend. Fans of Cloud Nothings and The Futureheads are in for a treat, a more reachable one as well!

‘Hard Luck’ is an upbeat and remarkably diversifying single and pretty much sums up Oli’s life. He says: “Ever since I was little I’ve always felt like I’ve had the worst luck, because everything I’m involved with seems to go wrong one way or another. So much so that thirteen is now my lucky number, in some sort of attempt to lift the curse.” Even though that doesn’t sound too positive, ‘Hard Luck’ definitely does not sound like a curse!


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