Super Massive – We’re Taking Over

A massive sound, great vocals and harmonies and a steadily energetic beat that makes it unable for the listener not to move, are what sums up ‘We’re Taking Over’. It is the new single of indie pop band Super Massive. The song is an anthemic celebration motivated by Greta Thunberg’s passionate speech at the UN. Super Massive says about the motivation behind the song: “We were planning to release this song as a track on our debut album, but after hearing the voices of the children who attended the UN summit yesterday (24th of September) to file a complaint against carbon-polluting countries, we felt compelled to release this single today, in solidarity.” However, the song is not meant to be a wining piece to make their voices be heard, but supposed to be funky and searingly energetic just as well!

Super Massive is duo Glenn Abbott (ex-Machine Gun Fellatio) and Malina Hamilton-Smith and was formed when they discovered their shared love for vintage 70’s funk and disco. Without keeping musical trends in the back of their minds, the duo does whatever they fancy and their crossing of boundaries has led to their very unique sound. It is a dynamic, energetic and funky sound that is infectious and contagious and hopefully something that will always be around!

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