Grace Gillespie – Take Me To The Country

It was the end of April this year when I first bumped into Grace Gillespie. Grace is one of those wonderful singer songwriters that make you look twice when you realise that it really is just a girl with her guitar playing. Creating a filling and grand sound with just a dreamy voice and a backdrop of synth-pop-like instrumentals is a talent in its own right. Grace does it with grace, and makes sure to leave a mark on your memory. Her newest single is ‘Take Me To The Country’, and I’m tempted to jump in the car and drive off to the country right now.

‘Take Me To The Country’ is another reinvention of Grace’s sound, a seductive and engaging take on a folk ballad combined with Portishead’s trip-hop vibes. Grace explains briefly what the track is about: “It is essentially about giving up on music – a thought that I love to torment myself with, but also one which is impossible for me to do.” As a lot of artists, Grace feels the pressure to have to fit within one specific genre, and luckily she is not able to fit into just one. “The track explores this through a longing to be out of the city, to be somewhere calm and where I don’t have to battle against myself.”

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