INTET – Blind

It’s been two years since their first single “Rebels” collected nearly three million Spotify-streams, and now the enigmatic, Swedish star INTET is back.

INTET have released a thrilling and haunting but up beat and merry new release called ‘Blind’. Their debut single did incredibly well, and I’m happy there is new music to enjoy. It is infectious and one to sing along to, while swinging through the living room with a glass of wine in your hand. The dreamy guitar pop sound is being intensified by their soothing main vocals.

Add some synths to it, an intriguing beat that makes feel of being in a church on a day you’re not supposed to be there and you’ve got INTET. It is naughty, stubborn and grand and it makes me crave for more. Its enchanting chorus makes it hard not to sing along and it is something that keeps stuck in your head, but you’ll be thankful for it… Listen for yourself!

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