Linebug – White Nights (video)

Danish duo Linebug have written and produced the soundtrack of some of my nightmares about darkness and it is endlessness. ‘White Nights’ is a slow, rhythmic and terrifying song driven by high pitched haunting harmonies. “Wait for the white nights…” The duo have created their own distinct melodic pop sound and combined that with a hand-drawn animation video. The airy voice of singer Line Bøgh develops from a gentle feather into an almost desperate cry for light.

Christian, the digital artist that is the other half of Linebug expands on the subject of the single, “I’ve had several friends that have gone through long periods of isolation and depression. What matters most to me is to tell a story that feels authentic to those who have had to go through such an ordeal.” The video that comes with the single is one that adds an extra layer to this story and in contrast to many an other video, actually has a purpose. The live show of Linebug promises to be almost as thought-through as the video for ‘White Nights’ and is to be seen live in Germany and Denmark the upcoming months.



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