New Pop Music

Eelke – Mirror

Dutch singer songwriter Eelke has been releasing steadily soothing and memorable indie pop tracks since he graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatory for Pop Music in 2015 and just released his new single ‘Mirror’. The soaring sound of ‘Mirror’ is what he is known for; captivating songs that combine meaningful lyrics with guitar-driven soundscapes. ‘Mirror’ is also the title track of his new seven track counting EP of which we recognised previously released singles ‘Leech’, ‘I’m A Mean’ and ‘Too Much Too Soon’. The mystical intro of ‘Mirror’ leads towards a catchy chorus that is hard to get out of your head after listening! His latest single release is definitely one of his strongest so far.

Long For The Coast – Splinter

Alternative folk pop singer songwriter Jamie is better known as Long For The Coast and with his new single ‘Splinter’ he brought us a reflective and soothing song that is both comforting and supporting. “I wrote ‘Splinter’ as a way of making a deal with my mind… I promised that I would stop throwing myself into stressful situation and learn how to look after it better, in the hope that it will stay with me when I’m old.” This way of dealing with situations is not only effective for Jamie as an artist, but also works for those listening. His open-minded musical space gave me the feeling that I was welcome to be myself more than I have ever felt. ‘Splinter’ is a beautifully open-hearted message I could easily listen to over and over again.

HATi – Simple

North East based singer songwriter HATi has been releasing beautiful songs since her debut in 2017 and with ‘Simple’ she is doing it once again. Her clean cut voice is being dressed by a simple and stripped back soundscape that is both fragile and grand at the same time. It is a classic success formula; clean vocals, dreamy harmonies, an infectious beat and a simple soundscape. “‘Simple’ is an uplifting song about being open and honest.” She got played on local and national radio and amassed a great amount of Spotify streams, we are not about the numbers but we certainly do get where they come from!

Caleb Isaacs & The Mighty Mighty’s – Not Okay

The incredibly infectious alternative pop sound Caleb Isaacs & The Mighty Mighty’s have created make it well worth wile to make a typo after typo well spelling out his entire artist name. ‘Not Okay’ is heart-warming, oh so catchy and a refreshing new alternative/ indie pop sound. Generic or not, ‘Not Okay’ is a hit song and one of my new favourite songs to listen to while needing a break and a little dance. However, its positive sound does not reflect it’s rather dark subject; “‘Not Okay’ is a meandering odyssey into the aftermath of love. From the ecstasy of freedom and the lowest hells of regret ‘Not Okay’ swirls around in the contradictions, absurdities and confusions of the then, the now and the tomorrow. We’ll be Okay.”

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