Gal Musette – Honeymoon

Gal Musette is releasing her debut album and ‘Honeymoon’ is the first single to be released of the album and to set the tone for what is about to come. Her alternative folk pop sound borders on contemporary with the spirits of artists such as Joni Mitchell, Bjork and The Cure in the back of our minds. ‘Honeymoon’ talks about idealized romances and how tough it can be to see someone for who they really are. Our expectations often aren’t able to live up to reality.

Gal Musette, who takes her name from the accordion-based French waltz style ‘Bal Musette’, has been creating music since she was between the ages of 10 and 13 and all those years of practice and writing are what make ‘Honeymoon’ such an almost anthemic and very well-rounded release. We hear the thought, the process and the creative development of the past few years, bursting into this grand piano-driven intro that slowly moves into parts that are driven by the clean-cut vocals of Gal Musette. She, who leads the rest of the song like it costs her no effort at all, brings depth to the message and the sound of ‘Honeymoon’. Despite the song losing a bit of tempo at two and a half minutes in, the hazy harmonies and laid back vocals pick its energy back up and bring a serenity over us that make us sit back and hum along.

If the upcoming album is anything like ‘Honeymoon’, we can’t wait to hear it and slowly dance along to Gal Musette’s mesmerising sound!

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