“T” – Like A Bird (How Do You Feel)

Known for being the successful frontman of a number of tribute bands including David Bowie and Deep Purple, “T” has been on the circuits and in the business for a long time so it is safe to say that he knows how to experiment across genres much like the great man Bowie himself.

Since the age of 14, he has been on stage as a singer and actor but wrote his first song much earlier at the age of 6 with the help of his father and feels at home musically in almost all styles whether that be rock, pop, blues, soul or alternative. His unusual and versatile singing voice and tone results in an exceptional singer who does not have to fear any major comparison with the greats who have graced the music industry with their presence over the decades.

Now he is working on his own original album, with his first single ‘Like a Bird’ being inspired by the indifference of our society towards the challenges of our time. Clearly vocally and sonically inspired by the talents of David Bowie, the track is every bit as unique and quirky as it is original from the striking spoken word and acoustic introduction to the simplistically catchy chorus.

Lyrically the song is unusual but raw with emotion as it captures his thoughts on what’s going on in the world around him with references made to world conflict, issues with the environment and societies’ oblivious nature with what is going on in the world around them coupled with the raspy soulful vocal style which makes the track somewhat very similar to an early Bowie hit.

By Lauren Gosling

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