PILLARS – We Don’t Care

It’s loose, it’s charismatic and incredibly groovy, it’s PILLARS‘ brand new single ‘We Don’t Care’! She shed her past as an acoustic singer songwriter and developed her first home studio in 2014, and transformed into an artist that creates powerful synth-driven alternative pop tracks. PILLARS is not to be ignored, only to be admired. Honesty is at the core of what she creates and ‘We Don’t Care’ is another example of that.

Some context on her new single, Katy, better known as PILLARS: “This track is a new direction for me, as I felt we needed something to really dance to coming out of the pandemic. It’s fun, synth-driven and straight up pop, and I am super excited about its release!” And so are we, because ‘We Don’t Care’ is the track we want to dance and scream along to, so we can just forget about the past year and a half, and focus on a PILLARS-filled future!

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