Diego Philips – Sentimental Song

Being a sucker for sentimental, open-hearted and slightly heart-breaking songs, Diego Philips wrote just the song for us! ‘Sentimental Song’ is slow paced, pensive and with layer after layer of mellow acoustic guitar line. This soothing singer songwriter pop song is rather singular throughout yet Diego’s vocals give it an intriguing softness that make us want to hear more.

Philips used to regularly perform with a full band in London and released his second album ‘Tides’ in 2020. His latest release talks about the essence of his own personal song writing. “I write sentimental songs, in order to comfort the listener. After stepping away from being a songwriter in the pandemic, I recognised that this was the reason I was creating music in the first place. I found peace in stepping away from the pressures of being a musician, letting go of most of my own fears. This allowed me to return to music, with the ability to produce simple but meaningful tracks.”

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