Good Dog – Desert

A hazy and tender new single was released by Good Dog, his latest single ‘Desert’ is a gentle and slow paced alternative pop track sounding like a lost classic from the mid-70’s. Its spacious soundscape gives us the opportunity to breathe, to unclench our jaw and enjoy a break from our busy lives.

Good Dog is London-based artist Jack Hardman, who released his first two singles in 2020. He has been building his discography and brand ever since and has already ended up on No.1 in the UK iTunes charts with ‘Hopeless Man’! His writing is influenced by song writing icons such as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen but sounds more cheerful and slightly more light-hearted. ‘Desert’ is a perfect example of that blend of sounds.

“Before I wrote ‘Desert’, I was getting really interested in all the uninhabitable places on earth. It’s crazy how the desert can be one of the coldest and hottest places on earth within 24 hours, but for one moment each day there must be that comfortable middle ground. Sometimes life can feel that way. There are always hard times and difficult situations, but we have to adapt and be willing to compromise. That’s what ‘Desert’ is all about. Finding a middle ground in a seemingly impossible situation, making things work when it feels like they never will.”

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