Colatura – The Met

On their single ‘The Met’, indie band Colatura captures the relatable sensation of loneliness, but manages to make us feel pretty good in spite of it. Colatura’s loneliness happens everywhere, including the Met, a bustling museum in one of the world’s busiest cities: “Bumping into people but the only person there’. On an upbeat dream pop track, the Brooklyn-based band describes feeling completely alone in a crowded place or searching for, in every perfect stranger, someone who can end the isolation.

Colatura wrote ‘The Met’ about taking oneself on an empowering solo date that takes a turn: “It’s a beautiful day, you’re alone walking the halls of the Met museum, taking in culture, searching for inspiration, but with no one by your side to share it with you struggle to find the beauty in any of the art and instead get lost in your own head.” This experience encompasses the song in both lyrics and sound. The sonic atmosphere, crafted with bouncing guitars and bass and full drums which make for particularly interesting pre-choruses, carries the lead singer’s breathy vocals as she croons—ultimately accepting that “Some days crowded spaces feel lonely/Some days they feel ok”, and both of those feelings are okay.

Words by Tunika Onnekikami

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