Bosola – Me On A Good Day

Newcastle trio Bosola are gearing up for the release of their new EP ‘Thomas & Judas’ and of that we review their recently released single ‘Me On A Good Day’, a pleasant alternative rock pop song with smooth vocals and a pleasing soundscape. It is a darker sound than we previously heard of the alternative rockers, on this song they dread loss of faith and translate this subtly yet clearly.

“The song explores themes of loss of faith and detachment from the existential offerings of the modern world. It was written at a time in my life in which the curtains all were drawn back at the same time and found that all the stories I had been told started to ring empty and everything started to feel pointless and I felt tired all the time.” This sour subject, pill that is hard to swallow is told in the form of a warm and guitar-driven track that is comforting in its warm, and subtle tones.

Its title is a sarcastic take on a slogan: “I started taking two beroccas in the morning. At the time the slogan of berocca was ‘You, on a good day’. I reworked the slogan as a sarcastic and barbed reminder of my inadequacy and apathy at the time.”

You can catch Bosola live on the dates and locations below:
5th February – 13th Note Cafe – Glasgow 
12th February – Little Buildings – Newcastle Upon Tyne 

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