MiG 15 – Rolling Thunder

A new alternative rock track was released by San Diego-born outfit MiG 15, a thriving outfit that doesn’t shy away from the truth nor beats around the bush. Their latest, ‘Rolling Thunder’ is a festive and fast paced, catchy alternative rock track with rich vocals and exciting, rolling guitar riffs. Its structure is classic yet with surprising elements and grand hooks the band bring us an outstanding new rock release! 

As a concept, MiG 15 began when James McClusky was a teenager growing up in San Diego, inspired by the fighter jets coming and going from the military bases there. After finishing school he moved back to Liverpool and met singer Adam Bray, and in 2019 they unleashed their fiery and eclectic rock sound to the world, with James on guitar, and Martin on drums. They are deliberately provocative and try to use their music as a weapon, despite the struggles of this post-truth world… 

‘Rolling Thunder’ talks about religion, questioning faith and belief, and a general disdain for religion. “Why should I believe?” We probably couldn’t relate more to the subject yet would personally not have been able to translate the fragile subject in such a classy and musical way. MiG 15 have now got our attention, and we won’t be shying away from their raucous sound, au contraire; we want more!

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