New hits – March edition

Ian Janco – Something New

Ian Janco’s bittersweet indie folk sound is, while sad, comforting and a memorable, soft folk-inspired one. ‘Something New’ builds on a simple soundscape and his beautiful, warm voice.

Femke – Helpless

Femke’s soft and fragile folk pop sound is soothing and mellow, comforting and catchy, built on a finger-picking soundscape and smooth vocals that tell the relatable story of the current state of the world.

Jake Huffman – Giving it a Try

Jake’s warm pop rock sound is catchy and leans against a surf-vibe with shimmering synths and warm, passionate vocals leading his latest release, ‘Giving it a Try’. An EP is on its way this month!

little luna – the glass

little luna created a sound much bigger, and more determined, than her name suggests. ‘the glass’ is her latest pop song driven by grand vocals and a soft, cheery soundscape, a more than pleasant sound to listen to!

DI-RECT – Through The Looking Glass

Dutch outfit DI-RECT are back with another anthemic alternative pop rock track, with our favourite pair of vocals, and a mid-tempo soundscape that gives the song even more colour!

Humdrum – Superbloom

An upbeat, folky pop track was released by Humdrum, ‘Superbloom’ is their latest, built on warm vocals and a shimmering, Cure-like soundscape. ‘Superbloom’ is a subtle yet exciting alt folk pop track!

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