Chris Hart – Are You There?

Singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hart does it all himself, and creates a refined and well-produced sound! His latest is called ‘Are You There?’ and was written for people dealing with abandonment, “whether the feeling comes from friends, ex-partners, parents, or the world at large.” His soft indie folk sound is soothing and catchy, built around his exciting vocals and a subtle soundscape. 

‘Are You There?’ is well-versed, warm and uplifting while at the same time talking of emotional subjects, which make this an exciting release by an exciting and ever-growing artist. Chris expands a little on what the single is about: “It’s very easy to feel isolated and alone in an era where we’re more connected than ever. When you get used to someone or something being there for you, and suddenly it isn’t there anymore, after a while you can start to wonder if there was anything there in that relationship in the first place.” He tells the story and its message with a shimmering indie pop track and we’re looking forward to hearing more from the self-taught musician!

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