The Round Up – April

mehro – Parasite

A sweet and subtle, fragile, open-hearted new folk pop song was released by mehro. Similar to Tamino’s magnificent and theatrical yet modest sound, ‘Parasite’ is a minimalistic song, with buttery soft vocals and a shimmering guitar-driven soundscape. “‘Parasite’ is the story of how something so grotesque can appear to be so beautiful; a toxic relationship that feeds off the hope of the unsuspecting heart. I wanted to create a sonic world that embodied the illusion of that deceptive beauty, and to tell that story uncompromised. To me this is alchemy.”

Back to Yours – Monster

‘Monster’ is a grand and anthemic, Muse-like track with soaring vocals and a warm and familiar indie rock soundscape. Easy to sing along to lyrics make this a song easy to remember and hard to forget. Back to Yours’ latest is fun, uplifting, fast paced and fierce sounding, its sound contradicting its message and subject, as ‘Monster’ talks about toxic relationships and how they can change our outlook not just on life but on ourselves…

Strawberry Cough – My Song 19

‘My Song 19’ is a guitar-driven track, filthy and distorted, with subtle vocals and an over grand, thumping, rocking soundscape. Strawberry Cough’s latest is rough around the edges, sounding personal and passionate and was influenced by artists such as The Strokes, Radiohead and Ride! Their blend of alternative and indie rock is daring and teetering on the edge of being a chaotic blend of noises. An organised, and welcome, chaos.

Kids In America – Alive (feat. Smallpools)

Kids In America released their brilliantly catchy anthemic pop track this month and it is a song we could have on repeat for days on end. ‘Alive’ is a collaboration between the alternative rock band, lead singer of Saint Motel; AJ, and Dr. Blum (twenty one pilots, Misterwives) on horns! A well-produced, welcome and refreshing new summer anthem with a plethora of interesting instruments and surprising hooks!

leo. – too hot to touch

The warm and soothing jazzy new ‘too hot to touch’ from leo. is the softest and most refined lullaby we have ever heard, thinking back of slow summer night under a starry sky while sitting around the fire, leo. really did capture a vibe with this new release. A little throwback to better days with his soft humming vocals and subtle soundscape, ‘too hot to touch’ is a beautiful, yet fragile, acoustic indie folk song!

Steve Umculo – Fire To My Soul

An open and honest message, bittersweet, was translated into an upbeat folk pop song with refined musical elements that are influenced by its home country, it’s South African artist Steve Umculo’s new single ‘Fire To My Soul’! And fiery it is! The song “is an ode to the dichotomous feeling that only an unsure lover can provoke”, and sounds inspiring, uplifting and like our newest summer anthem. This refreshing and warm sound is one we could easily listen to on repeat for the rest of the weekend!

Alison Sudol – Peaches

The soft and soothing alternative folk sound of Alison Sudol comes to us again in the form of new single ‘Peaches’, jazzy and refined with her beautiful voice taking the spotlight, the song is a welcome break to the trouble and worries of everyday life. She’s a mesmerising artist, an exciting promise for the months and hopefully years to come, if she continues to release a sound a la ‘Peaches’!

Lucifers Beard – Shake On The Floor

Lucifers Beard have just released their heavy, hard-hitting new single ‘Shake On The Floor’, which is the product of the past few years in which they built their own recording studio! ‘Shake On The Floor’ is energetic, vivacious and driven by a grand soundscape and subtle vocals. Their latest focuses on letting go of any cultured and restrictive associations, “just doing what felt right for me and having the freedom to express myself from my own studio.”

Bloodhound – A Message

The powerful, furious and rampage-like sound of Bloodhound is one hard to ignore, and their new single ‘A Message’ is another slice of filthy and riff-filled pop rock with loud vocals and a thumping soundscape. The Hull-based three piece are back after two long years, with an even noisier sound that is louder and rougher than before! ‘A Message’ is short but sweet, a quick shot of caffeine, a song about completely shutting down and being enclosed in your own mind, as well as considering nothing but your own thoughts… Deep, honest, and again… Loud!

LinkedOut – Losing Track

Brand new Dutch outfit LinkedOut have just released their new single ‘Losing Track’, which builds upon a sound inspired by Muse and The Cure! A contemplating single with sharp vocals and strong, surprising compositions. ‘Losing Track’ is a subtle blend of alternative pop and rock with a big bag of confidence colouring the track. Their latest single is layered and a discovery of new and yet to fully develop elements, we’re looking forward to seeing where this band is headed!

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