Video: Post Club Casino – Bored of Myself

An exquisite and exciting, eccentric new rock track with video was released by German rock outfit Post Club Casino. Their latest is called ‘Bored of Myself’ and is driven by sharp and hard-to-forget vocals, a video that is driving, fun to watch and actually adds a layer of personality to the track!

The duo literally do it all themselves and created a very refined sound hinting at influences from The Beatles, Bowie and The Clash! Paul and Leo are the two behind this guitar-driven, riffing and catchy sound, and with it show off their talent and give a sneak peek of things to come. Post Club Casino like dreaming big, and within the band finally get to be the rock stars they were born to be. The two extravagant and confident personalities make for an interesting watch and listen, and luckily their music lives up to the expectations!

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