Headrush – blank slate

‘blank slate’ is an energetic new indie rock track from Jack Warren, who releases music under the name of Headrush! The songwriter, instrumentalist and producer started creating music as Headrush in 2019 from his basement on the South Shore of Massachusetts and has been growing ever since. He’s got a diverse taste in music, which shines through on his refined and well-produced musical soundscapes, in particular that of his latest, ‘blank slate’.

“After four years of grinding day in and day out, high school has left me feeling lost; in a sleep-like trance. I’m tired of seeing the same people every day. I’m tired of pacing through the same routine every week. I need to do something different; something meaningful with my life. With graduation inching ever closer, I eagerly await the moment when I can finally wake up; when I can finally feel free. ‘blank slate’ is meant to encapsulate the feeling of freedom that we all yearn for, while simultaneously capturing the feeling of longing that we carry when we are trapped.”

A surprising talent for song writing made Headrush stand out to us, and ‘blank slate’ with that. His anthemic rock-infused pop tracks are a welcome break from life and translate a feeling of being lost the way we haven’t heard before. It is both comforting and inspiring, and we’re glad we ran into Headrush this way!

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