The Round Up – May

Yardlander – Grow/Change

Yardlander is a new and exciting emerging shoe gaze slash indie rock outfit that have recently released new single ‘Grow/Change’, which showcases their grand and convincing sound. Editors-like, headed towards a White Lies-like pop rock vibe with warm vocals and surprising harmonies and a soundscape that is exciting and ever-shifting. With creative lyrics, “I will grow and I will change, but not in this place”, and hard-hitting drums, the band have released another one of our favourites of this year!

XY&O – Marigold

A thumping and warm new indie pop track was released by XY&O. ‘Marigold’ is built on a soundscape resembling the sound of Blossoms, being atmospheric, soft and sugar-sweet. Its simplicity makes the song an even more charming one, giving the vocals their time to shine. Subtle synths and a colourful base make both sound and song exciting and catchy! “I’ve lost hope on a steady hold, but I brought you a Marigold.”

HOL – 333

The promising songstress that is HOL has pleasantly surprised us once again with her latest single, ‘333’. With sharp vocals and a guitar-driven soundscape, the single is a wandering piece of alternative pop, on which HOL tells a story of love, life and protection. She returns to her bedroom-style pop after having been inspired by angel number 333, “this number also portrays mind, body and spirit, and the song is written from the perspective of a teenager who is trying to navigate the emotions of growing up, making mistakes and trying to become the person they envisioned themselves being when they were young.”

Ray Laurel – Manic Pixie Dream Boy

Ray Laurel just released his new indie pop rock single, ‘Manic Pixie Dream Boy’, which is the second of his hand. The London-based artist creates short and sweet, pungent tracks with high pitched vocals and warm, catchy soundscapes! It is a vibrant guitar-driven track about being attracted to someone who will never be quite right for you, a situation similar to once I’ve found myself in, and Ray Laurel has given them a soundtrack!

REAVEN – My City’s On Fire

A refreshing new rock track was released by REAVEN, theirs ‘My City’s On Fire’ is an infectious and shimmering pop rock track with smooth sailing vocals and a warm, harmonious soundscape! An anthemic sound driven by lyrics that are easy to remember, a rhythm that is hard to shake off and provocative electro elements that make for a very colourful touch! Different atmospheres but all undeniably REAVEN, we’re grateful for ‘My City’s On Fire’.

Sunday Mourners – Dance The Inside Out

An intriguing intro mysteriously and slowly builds towards Sunday Mourners’ latest crescendo, ‘Dance The Inside Out’ is a festive, Elvis-esque sound with a grand soundscape and great yet subtle vocals! Riffing guitars and freak beats are at the core of Sunday Mourners’ new release, a whopping, grotesque and confident track by a band whose sound we’ve totally fallen in love with!

Carleton Stone – Papercut

Nova Scotian artist Carleton Stone writes award-winning pop songs with sweet messages and warm vocals. ‘Papercut’ is upbeat with driving acoustic Tom Petty-like guitar riffs and lyrics that juxtapose its sound. ‘Papercut’ is a song about emotions we would rather not deal with, emotions that aren’t truly heavy, yet they are as slightly painful and annoying as a papercut! The emotional layers of this rather light-hearted song make this an interesting listen!

A Days Wait – Lifeline

The soothing new pop song that was released by A Days Wait is a soft one, comforting and unadorned, driven by simple vocals and a subtle, shimmering soundscape. It is the title track of the band’s upcoming EP, a song that “is based on a book we reward our toddlers about how we are always connected to the ones we love with an invisible string.” That sweet and heartfelt message gives us the same jitters the song does, and it brings a smile to our face!

Ahbril – Hands On The Wheel

‘Hands On The Wheel’ is the lead single of Ahbril’s upcoming debut album ‘Aspecta Medusa’, the groovy new alternative rock track from the Salt Lake City-based band is a driving force, an exciting new piece of rock! The track is delivered with energy and attitude by Ryan, Gunther, Rick, Karlov and George. Their lyrics document commentaries on the realities of modern life with a pungent, passionate sound and a rough and natural energy!

Amateur Ornithologist – Hermit Phase

A fun and light-hearted new track was released by Amateur Ornithologist, a Beatles-esque sound with fun harmonies and a shimmering soundscape. Their alternative pop mixed with doo-wop backing vocals and open-hearted lyrics make for a refreshing listen, something a little different from what is being released nowadays. ‘Hermit Phase’ is a funky pop track with cowbell shots and beatings drums, “questioning why his experiences are so different to the lives of his more confident, fitter, child-raising friends?”

Seafret – Hollow

A dark pop track was released by Seafret, ‘Hollow’ is an honest and heart-wrenching new alternative pop track highlighting soft and simple vocals being dressed in subtle, guitar-driven compositions. The duo’s Jack Sedman explains what the single was inspired by: “My grandparents have always been the couple my whole family aspire to be. I often wondered what it would be like if we were to lose one of them and how that would be/ how we would cope. This song was inspired by that feeling.” And the song truly translates what we know that feeling sounds like.

The Bergamot – Medusa

One of our favourite artistic duos have recently released a new and warm summer hit, ‘Medusa’ is more thumping, more upbeat, and even catchier than its predecessors. This alternative pop track is the brand new release by The Bergamot, who keep enriching their musical catalogue by discovering new musical avenues. ‘Medusa’ is part of the soundtrack of The Bergamot’s brand new film ‘State of the Unity’ which has won ‘Best Documentary Feature’ at the Paris Independent Film Festival!

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