New pop sounds: BAYWUD, Lou Emery and Nicola Mousicos

BAYWUD – Lullaby

‘Lullaby’ is BAYWUD’s second single of this year, and shows a delicate and more intimate side of BAYWUD. The emotive love pop song is about letting go and saying goodbye to a loved one, heartfelt and honest, driven by warm vocal harmonies and a unique blend of influences, ‘Lullaby’ stood out to me and stands out against its competitors. Inspired by artists such as Bon Iver and his falsetto voice, BAYWUD replicated his tone and frequency and challenged himself to incorporate this in his latest release. ‘Lullaby’ truly is a mesmerising lullaby, one we wouldn’t mind slowly dozing off to, nor slowly waking up to!

Lou Emery – Wish

Her subtly jazzy pop sound comes to us in the form of new single ‘Wish’, Lou Emery’s beautiful timbre brings ‘Wish’ and its minimalistic soundscape to life. The Los Angeles-based pop rock singer songwriter created a wandering song, the soundtrack to our thoughts and daydreams. ‘Wish’ is a combination of influences taken from dream pop and rock and is driven by such memorable vocals we envy Lou a little and wish we could sing like her! Her latest single is captivating, with hints at commercial pop but more outstanding thanks to its creative and poetic lyrics. ‘Wish’ is the second single off of her upcoming debut EP which hopefully entails even more groovy and refined sounds!

Nicola Mousicos – Love I Really Need

Soulful pop singer songwriter Nicola Mousicos just released her single ‘Love I Really Need’, the North London-based songstress wrote this song about learning and navigating through life’s trickier experiences, personal growth, and love and loss. She created an intimate soundscape and filled it with subtle and angelic elements, with her strong voice in the midst of it all. “‘Love I Really Need’ is a heartbreak song about struggling to get over someone who you know isn’t right for you.” She translated that helpless feeling into a comforting and straightforward pop song we very much felt from beginning until the end!

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