New indie pop: Martin Luke Brown and Jack Kane

Martin Luke Brown – love is a black hole !

A subtle new indie folk song was released by Martin Luke Brown, ‘love is a black hole !’ is bittersweet yet sounds warm-hearted, driven by honest vocals that tell an honest story. The song was written in one afternoon with friend and producer Matt Zara, and captures the innocence of love. “It is the story of a relationship, boy meets girl, girl is in another relationship. She thinks she and the boy are friends but the boy is pretending and wants more.” Martin wanted to experiment with how true to life he could lyrically be, and the result is the bittersweet love story that is ‘love is a black hole !’

Jack Kane – Something More

Jack Kane is building towards the release of his second EP and just released another teaser for his upcoming piece of work. His velvety vocals shine brightly on new single ‘Something More’. His  soaring vocals resemble those of Tom Grennan and his latest soundscape is grand, passionate and colourful, filled with indie pop arrangements and strong vocal harmonies. Simple yet vibrant, Jack Kane has found a formula that works and ‘Something More’ makes us long for something more.

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