TOVE – Pretty Sequence

“Imagine having a partner who pushes you aside at parties to try to sleep with others. ‘Pretty Sequence’, a daydream of them actually cheating so you can set gaslight aside and move alone into the woods.”

TOVE tells the above situation in the form of a soft and warm, bittersweet sounding psychedelic pop song, ‘Pretty Sequence’ is subtly thumping and eclectic. Its soundscape with different elements of electronic pop, indie folk and a lo-fi bedroom sound, with the main focus on the song being a pair of angelic vocals. The song portrays a tricky and emotive situation that can be hard to escape. Instead of losing sleep over it, TOVE created a beautiful single that can now help others envision a similar outcome in case they are stuck.

The Swedish psychedelic indie folk artist started releasing music in 2019 and released her debut EP in April 2020, clearly unstoppable. ‘Pretty Sequence’ shows she’s found her sound and niche, and is refreshingly soft with a pungent and heart-wrenching story.

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